Vivegam trailer record break likes

Vivegam trailer record break happends from the moment of seconds of release. Previous vivegam teaser crosses 500k likes just after some days of spending.

In this 500k likes are still largest most liked teaser in india level. From right now vivegam official trailer will beats soon. Trailer comes with lot of unknown information in behind of previous teaser.

Within 8 mins trailer reaches 50k likes. It is the first indian trailer gets 50k likes within 8 minutes. After 7th hour of trailer crossed officially more than 200k likes.

Vivegam trailer record break:

10k likes                    –     40seconds

25k likes                    –     5 mins

50k likes                    –     8 mins

100k likes                  –      30mins

150k likes                  –       190 mins

200k likes                 –      7hr 5 mins

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