Viswaroopam 2 shooting on final stage and comes out soon

Viswaroopam 2 shooting is on final stage schedule and soon it’s wrapped up for release. Kamal hassan’s after viswaroopam part 1 now viswaroopam part 2 comes near to the release.

From the spot kamal hassan says viswaroopam part 2 is on final stage of stint, And soon its comes in the release of tamil and telugu version. In hindi its titled as “Viswaroop 2”.

Viswaroopam 2 shooting:

viswaroopam 2 shooting images

From the shooting spot kamal tweeted as “Shooting for Vishwaroopam 2 and Hindi Vishwaroop 2. Last stint. Exciting. OTA CHENNAI makes the nation & me proud. The only Academy that trains Lady officers in India. I Salute the ladies and especially my most favourite lady ..India. Maa tuje Salaam”.


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