Velaikkaran audio track list

Velaikkaran audio track list contains overall 5 songs, Including 2 romantic with 3 solo songs for sivakarthikeyan.The audio grand launch happening for the movie on today 3rd Dec.

The all 5 song track details here.

Velaikkaran audio track list:

velaikkaran audio list

  1. Karuthavanlaam Galeejam – Its the first song from velaikkaran , Singer – Anirudh, Lyrics – Viveka
  2. Vaa Velaikkara                   – Its also a solo song with lyrics vivek
  3. Idhayane                            – Idayane is the third song , Singer – Anirudh and Neeti mohan, Lyrics – Madhan karky
  4. Irava                                   – Iraiva a 4th song, Singer Anirudh + Jonita gandhi, Lyrics – Viveka
  5. Ezhu Velaikkara                  – Siddharth Mahadevan and chorus singers of this ezhu velaikkara song, With lyrics – Viveka.

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