Sathriyan movie release preview

Sathriyan Movie Release Preview:

Sathriyan is an upcoming action film with starring Vikram prabhu and Manjuma mohan. After a distance of vikram prabhu this film may gives some good expectation. We will see the details of the movie below, This sathriyan movie going to release worldwide on june 9.

Hero          : Vikram prabhu as Gangster

Heroine    :  Manjuma Mohan as a college student

Film           :  Its comes as a action film

Direction   : S.R. Prabhakaran

Music         : Yuvan Shankar raja

Production : Sathya jothi films

Release     :  Releasing on june 9.



Over all this movie may blast on releasing with vikram prabhu and manjuma mohan combination.

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