Mercury movie review – Karthik subbaraj

Mercury movie review, Director karthik subbaraj’s after pizza, Jigarthanda he tried in a different manner. Its the first tamil films come under non-voice film(Fully silent thriller film).

With starring of prabhu deva silence performace was well, Cinematographer thiru and Santhosh narayanan gives another boost to the film. Mercury released in overseas screens at the time of producer strike happends in tamilnadu. Now on april 20th mercury hits in all TN screens.

Mercury movie review:

Director karthik subbaraj handled very professionally, The silent thriller gets great interesting attempt from the director. After long break of strike the first film which impressive open for tamil audiences. Music of background score done well. As review on one line mercury done a silent thriller success to tamil cinema.

Over all Rating – 3.25 / 5

The entire silent thriller now on screens in TN after overseas release.


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